Cancellation insurance

To protect yourself in the event of unexpected events, we recommend that you add our cancellation protection. Cancellation protection can only be added during the time of booking and cannot be removed or refunded after the booking has been paid.

Travelers who have taken out cancellation protection can, upon presentation of a valid medical certificate, cancel the trip against a deductible of 5%, until the trip has begun. Cancellation protection applies in the event of acute illness, accident or death affecting the traveler himself, the traveler's spouse/partner, children, parents, siblings or a person with whom the traveler jointly ordered the trip, before departure but after the agreement has become binding. The cancellation protection does not apply in case of illness that was known at the time of booking or in the case of complications in connection with pregnancy, after the 30th week of pregnancy. A medical certificate must be issued on a special form and must be available to Sembo no later than 14 days after the cancellation date. Medical certificates that come in later are not processed. The cost of the cancellation protection and excess is not refunded in case of cancellation.

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